Education is cheaper than incarceration… and it’s healthier for the community

Education helps men transitioning from prison to become self sustaining, to provide for their families and contribute to their communities.


Improving the quality of  lives, families and communities by providing educational scholarships, positive community partnerships, and strategic community connections for men who show leadership potential and are transitioning out of prison.


ManUp is committed to providing educational scholarship funding that is easily accessible to every man who is upwardly mobile, shows motivation for change and leadership potential, qualifies for a post-high school education, who is desiring an education, and who is transitioning or has recently transitioned out of prison.

ManUp is committed to providing a sponsoring partner for every man who is transitioning out of prison, upwardly mobile, who shows leadership potential, who does not have access to family, personal, or outside resources and who is seeking support to for a healthy and  empowering transition out of prison back into the community.

ManUp is committed to collaborating with community organizations to offer the best services to the transitioning prisoner as well as connecting the transitioning prisoner to opportunities to serve and give back to the community.


ManUp believes in the responsibility of incarcerated men to invest in their community and the value of the community investing in and empowering upwardly mobile prisoners upon reentry.  This is  accomplished by  providing educational opportunities and opportunities for personal connection through the Scholarship Program, the Sponsorship Program and ManUp Connect. These programs are designed to foster a positive community connection through evidence-based practices and are supported by private and corporate financial donations and volunteer investments.





Oregon Student Access Commission