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Scholarship Program

One of my treatment facilitators said ‘If you don’t have a plan to succeed you already planned to fail, because failure needs no plans’.  As of now, I’ve made a few plans for a brighter future.  I made the plans to pursue a higher education that can give me the possibility to succeed in the best ways of my life.” —JC

JC is serving a five year sentence.  ebony porn He has completed high school, has completed all of his required treatment programs, and works three jobs.  JC is currently working through the process of securing financial funding to pursue his associates degree while  still incarcerated.

The ManUp Educational Scholarship Program is very specialized to offer men transitioning from prison the best chance at educational success!


  • Must have been incarcerated for at least three years (consecutively)
  • Must be within two years of release or within one year after release
  • He must be upwardly mobile in prison and must be current on treatment requirements, having pursued job training and other available educational opportunities
  • Degree or certification seeking- scholarships will be rewarded to those who have not yet eared a degree of any level (certifications are okay)
  • An inside representative must provide the scholarship application to those who are still incarcerated.  Those released may print and fill out their own application but reference will be contacted
  • Must complete the application process including personal interview by a ManUp representative for those being considered for an educational scholarship
  • Applicant must agree to write three thank-you notes and complete a specified number of community service hours if awarded an educational scholarship


Overview of Scholarship Program and Specialized Qualities:

  • All clients are interviewed to map out a  educational plan that will provide the best chance for educational success to the client
  • Specialized job placement assessments are available to clients through certified ManUp partner Cross Cultural Counseling and Consulting
  • Scholarships are awarded to certified, accredited educational facilities on behalf of the applicant
  • A Scholarship Success Coach is assigned to each awarded scholar to offer support and help with continued success
  • Scholarships are easily assessable and the scholarships awarded in a timely manner to support the needs of high risk clients
  • Other support services are provided to clients such as assistance with obtaining drivers licenses and other important documents, making positive community connections and finding community resources

ManUp Scholarships are available to men within the Department of Corrections (DOC) including DOC prisoners at Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) facilities.


If you are a corrections representative and you know a prisoner who might qualify for a ManUp Educational Scholarship, please print off the application below for him to fill out.

Download the Application to receive a ManUp Educational Scholarship

*If you want to give more opportunities to men like JC, you can participate by donating to ManUp Foundation.  You can invest through the “for community members” tab. The funding for these men to pursue their education is largely dependent on community investments

ManUp Connect

An online resource that provides relevant information and local contact information to help with transitional needs.

ManUp provides various resources as thy are available and based on request for qualified transitioning prisoners.  These resources include items such as clothing vouchers and bus passes.